php4flicks is a powerful PHP/MYSQL based movie database. features:
  • stores detailed information (like directors, actors, poster, medium, language...) about your movies
  • genre support lets you store and browse genres for your movies
  • automatically downloads all the information from imdb, the world's largest on-line movie database
  • lets you organize your movie collection in user-defined categories
  • very configurable, easy to use
  • completely css-based layout; lets you easily use your own design
  • powerful search and sort function
  • movie list export as pdf
php4flicks is free software, licensed under the GPL license
my master's thesis about ReTCP, a general purpose, light-weight addition to TCP-based network stacks. ReTCP provides reliable and in-order packet delivery for an application, even in the presence of network failures causing the underlying TCP connection to disconnect, or application failures due to power losses etc. ReTCP is explained and implemented in the context of MQTT's TCP-based network stack. The implementation is tested and its performance compared to the one of the existing stack under several scenarios.
The objective of this semester thesis is the design and implementation of a secure forward HTTP proxy for the ETHZs Information Security Laboratory. While providing basic internet access, the proxy protects external sites from malicious activities from within the lab's network, like SQL injections or HTTP header based hacking.
Semester thesis on the management of e-Vouchers, a form of context-based advertising.
I designed and coded the web presentation and database back-end of, a bicycle store in Zurich.
slides of a talk about extractors. the talk was part of a seminar on cryptography in summer semester 05.
a presentation by David Fuchs, Remo Egli about Aspect-Oriented Programming with a focus on AspectJ
Roman Racine, Markus Heule, Stefan Birrer, David Fuchs. "Implementation und Review einer Home-Grown Certification Authority", Jan. 05. the paper was written as part of an applied course on information security.
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