Management of e-Vouchers

semester thesis - may 03, 2006 - david fuchs

Throughout the world, the time people spend in elevators accumulates to hundreds of years - each day. As most people find the situation in elevators rather discomforting, public displays enjoy high attention. Passengers prefer to look at the displays rather than their fellow passengers. Because even short elevator trips are likely to add up to an hour per month and passenger, public displays in elevators are a very promising place for advertising companies.

Lucerne-based company specialises in context-based elevator "advertainment". Advertisements, together with other content like weather information or stock prices, are displayed during elevator rides. Which advertisements are shown is decided by the context, i.e. information like "What is the location of the building", "What floor does the passenger go to" or even "What are the preferences of the current passenger".

A special form of context-based advertising is the distribution of electronic vouchers. Imagine the following situation: When taking the elevator to your office, the display inside the elevator informs you that a new "SunDime" café has just opened in the same building. Using your mobile phone, your electronic key to the building or other mobile devices, you can receive a gift voucher for a free coffee at "SunDime".

The goal of this semester thesis is the integration of an infrastructure to distribute and validate e-Vouchers into's context-based advertising system.

Keywords: voucher, e-voucher, advertainment, context-based advertising

semester thesis report (german)
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